Gap year

Welcome to our ‘Mercy Hut’s blog.

This is where you will hear about the adventure we are undertaking to bring this dream of ‘Mercy Hut’s into a reality!

Well, I think that we are definately in what they call the ‘faith gap’ at the moment & I’m guessing that during this journey there will be other times that will feel like we have stepped out without being able to see the solid ground ahead of us!

We have set our sights and our hearts towards the beautiful Island of Rote and the orphans of the new ‘Mercy Home’ there. We have given notice on our rental property, have put pretty much everything we own on gumtree & eBay and have already done quite a few trips to  ‘vinnies’ with many more to come. ip info . We have begun researching the endless world of homeschooling for our 9, 6 & 5yr old children, not to mention our older child entering Yr 11 next year!

This really could all be so overwhelming, and yes, we have had our moments, but overarching all of this we can’t deny the fact that it all seems somehow so right! And there is this amazing sense that everything we have done so far in our lives has somehow been leading towards this… Sounds crazy I know!

So, here we go, we are up for the adventure… I mean really, what do we have to lose?? Not much compared to the people of the land we are going to…. We only have so much to gain!! Let’s do something significant together….

1st step… Secure the land!!


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