Hello island home!

So here we are sitting under the brilliant star filled Island sky after a few days of preparing our new home and hut to be liveable for the next 7 months for our family of 6 plus 2 (Paul & Sally)

After being delayed for a 9 whole days in Kupang due to extremely bad weather it was refreshing, to say the least, to have Paul & Sally turn up on day 7! We compressed 4 days into 2 and finished just about everything we had on our list to get before heading over on the ferry. By far the best buy was what we endearingly call ‘the bomb’- an old Toyota Kijang ute that had been sitting in someones yard for about 100 years… Polish to English phrases The guy said it was his favourite which is why he kept it! Anyway, we were pleased with our purchase… It goes AND it carries stuff!! Add to that a Suzuki Thunder 125cc Motorbike and we were on our way.

Friday morning, after our boiled egg & hundreds & thousands jaffle (not kidding and it was the only breakfast on the menu…for the whole 9 days!!), our convoy headed off to board the slow cargo ferry from Kupang. Here is how it looked:

Up front, the girls travelled in a bemo, followed by ‘the bomb’, with Paul trailing behind on the motorbike to catch anything we may have lost on the way! We didn’t lose a thing… Well maybe parts of the car that we are still unaware of… but here is a list of our life and belongings that we managed to pack into ‘the bomb’;


  • 10 surfboards
  • boat & motor
  • large esky (our fridge) packed full
  • 1 double mattress & 2 singles
  • 2 cartons of ‘pop mie'(noodles)
  • a generator
  • a stove
  • 8 suitcases filled with board games, fishing gear, towels, sheets, hammocks etc.
  • 3 bicycles
  • school books & curriculum for 4
  • tools
  • tent
  • solar lighting
  • a shovel
  • and even a toilet brush!

On our arrival we needed to add to the load 2 backpacks and 4 laptops with Jayden riding the roof to make sure they didn’t fall off!! Molly jumped on the bike with Paul & Sally and Grace and Noah travelled with Mum & Dad in the cab of the ute. A very slow and bumpy 3 hours later our convoy arrived at our final destination; the beautiful Delha coastline…. Even more beautiful than I remembered!! With some bums being number & sorer than others we all agreed that first thing on the agenda was cossies on and a quick dip before dinner. Paradise!

First priority tomorrow is to build 2 gates to stop the goats coming in… After cleaning goats poo off the verandah for the past 2 days we have been blowing it out of our noses!! Lovely!!

See you here on the blog again next Sunday.

Nat, Matt & kids with Paul & Sal x


Still in Kupang!

Well, here we are going into our 5th night in a place that I have been trying to avoid spending 1 night in! We travelled to Kupang on Wednesday into very bad weather conditions coming from Tropical Cyclone Lua. This low pressure system decided to basically ‘stall’ as it gathered intensity before heading to the coast of Australia… What this meant for us:

  • No ferry, and still no ferry.
  • Very high winds & lots of rain
  • Staying indoors most of the time to avoid pieces of metal & the like flying down the street.
  • Noise that did not cease for more than 48 hours before hitting its  peak here late on Friday night.

The highlight was visiting our friend, Ps Samuels’ church today at BEST Church in Kupang. We were very grateful for one of the guys there visiting with his missions team from Batam that was able to translate the message for us on ‘The Love of God’…. (It still amazes me that God would love me (and you) no matter what we’ve done, no matter what we’ve said or thought. No matter how unfaithful we’ve been… He still loves us. Amazing huh!)

Okay, now for some things we’ve learned so far in Indonesia:

  • Learn the language properly or you could end up in front of a jewellery shop “mayung” when looking for an umbrella “payung”!
  • Go to the dentist when in Bali
  • Just because you get breakfast 2 days in a row, doesn’t mean you will get it tomorrow. Nothing is for certain in Indo!
  • Carry toilet paper at all times (and hand sanitiser) and girls, try to wear a dress!
  • You can buy goldfish on the street off the back of a bike! Go figure…
  • Be flexible… things often don’t go as planned!

Not a bad learning curve for only 2 weeks in….

If all goes to plan (ha ha) our next blog should be from our classic beachfront hut, home for the next 7 months!!

Not looking promising tomorrow either, winds have picked up yet again as I’ve been writing this blog.


Ferry or bust… Anyone got a helicopter??!!

All or love from Kupang,

Nat, Matt & Kids x

First stop Bali

Well,  here we are in sunny Bali taking care of some last minute details like haircuts & dentist appointments before heading off to Kupang in a couple of days.

Didn`t think we were even going to make it out of Sydney Airport, at one point, when the check in staff weighed all of our baggage. We had upped our baggage allowance previously by 50kg but we were still 45kg over at a wopping 215kg!! I think it was the boat and motor that tipped us over the edge!! It arrived two days later with Paul and Sally… Thanks to Virgin Airlines for giving us a special grant.  All of this extra weight included a massive esky (our fridge for the next 7months) packed with fishing gear, sunscreen, fins and masks, protien powder, sheets, towels, medicines. And surfboards, books for schooling, books for reading…… Pashto to Urdu dictionary . you know, all the stuff you need to camp on a beach in Indonesia!


We have really enjoyed catching up with friends (our Bali family) and are even more pumped about what lies ahead for this project in West Timor after spending some time with Ps Paulus and the Mercy Indo crew… they are just as excited as we are!!

Well, that`s it for now… back to home schooling and our daily Bahasa Indonesian lessons.

Sampai jumpa lagi (see you later)

From Bali

Nat, Matt and kids x