First stop Bali

Well,  here we are in sunny Bali taking care of some last minute details like haircuts & dentist appointments before heading off to Kupang in a couple of days.

Didn`t think we were even going to make it out of Sydney Airport, at one point, when the check in staff weighed all of our baggage. We had upped our baggage allowance previously by 50kg but we were still 45kg over at a wopping 215kg!! I think it was the boat and motor that tipped us over the edge!! It arrived two days later with Paul and Sally… Thanks to Virgin Airlines for giving us a special grant.  All of this extra weight included a massive esky (our fridge for the next 7months) packed with fishing gear, sunscreen, fins and masks, protien powder, sheets, towels, medicines. And surfboards, books for schooling, books for reading…… Pashto to Urdu dictionary . you know, all the stuff you need to camp on a beach in Indonesia!


We have really enjoyed catching up with friends (our Bali family) and are even more pumped about what lies ahead for this project in West Timor after spending some time with Ps Paulus and the Mercy Indo crew… they are just as excited as we are!!

Well, that`s it for now… back to home schooling and our daily Bahasa Indonesian lessons.

Sampai jumpa lagi (see you later)

From Bali

Nat, Matt and kids x