Still in Kupang!

Well, here we are going into our 5th night in a place that I have been trying to avoid spending 1 night in! We travelled to Kupang on Wednesday into very bad weather conditions coming from Tropical Cyclone Lua. This low pressure system decided to basically ‘stall’ as it gathered intensity before heading to the coast of Australia… What this meant for us:

  • No ferry, and still no ferry.
  • Very high winds & lots of rain
  • Staying indoors most of the time to avoid pieces of metal & the like flying down the street.
  • Noise that did not cease for more than 48 hours before hitting its  peak here late on Friday night.

The highlight was visiting our friend, Ps Samuels’ church today at BEST Church in Kupang. We were very grateful for one of the guys there visiting with his missions team from Batam that was able to translate the message for us on ‘The Love of God’…. (It still amazes me that God would love me (and you) no matter what we’ve done, no matter what we’ve said or thought. No matter how unfaithful we’ve been… He still loves us. Amazing huh!)

Okay, now for some things we’ve learned so far in Indonesia:

  • Learn the language properly or you could end up in front of a jewellery shop “mayung” when looking for an umbrella “payung”!
  • Go to the dentist when in Bali
  • Just because you get breakfast 2 days in a row, doesn’t mean you will get it tomorrow. Nothing is for certain in Indo!
  • Carry toilet paper at all times (and hand sanitiser) and girls, try to wear a dress!
  • You can buy goldfish on the street off the back of a bike! Go figure…
  • Be flexible… things often don’t go as planned!

Not a bad learning curve for only 2 weeks in….

If all goes to plan (ha ha) our next blog should be from our classic beachfront hut, home for the next 7 months!!

Not looking promising tomorrow either, winds have picked up yet again as I’ve been writing this blog.


Ferry or bust… Anyone got a helicopter??!!

All or love from Kupang,

Nat, Matt & Kids x