Beware the coconuts!

We have discovered that coconuts can be very dangerous here in the tropics & the need to avoid them at all costs! (that is unless you are hungry, have a machete in hand and are looking for one on purpose) Our new Kijang, well known now as ‘the bomb’, has been in getting repaired after we ran over a coconut & tore the front wheel off! Fot the first part of this week we had both our ‘mobil`s’ in getting fixed due to run in’s with a rogue coconut. The same day we did the car, the bike ran off the road and ended up with a coconut caught up in the wheel bending the gear lever.. Things were looking up when we bought a beautiful looking GT the next day for lunch. We cooked it up with papaya flowers (supposedly good for warding off malaria) and some nasi putih (white rice) Sounds good hey?… It was terrible!! This beautiful looking white flesh fish had something very wrong with the texture and was all soggy and the papaya flowers tasted like aeroguard!! We did our best to eat what we could and get some well needed nutrition!! After washing lunch down with some water & looking for something to get the horrible taste out of our mouths, Matt, Paul & I jumped on the motorbike to go and talk to our (very good friend by now) Nolis the mechanic & Dave to borrow a jack. After mentioning to Dave about our lunch he kindly informed us that when the flesh of a fish is soggy like the one we had just eaten it means that the fish has worms!! (yeah, awesome!!) After immediately ordering 3 cokes (we figured coca cola kills anything) we did all that we could do with the car, whilst continually looking up for fear of a coconut hitting us in the head! Then headed back with more cokes for Sal and the kids plus some homeopathics, just in case!!

Since then we have had some really cool stuff happen. We had all been feeling very fruit & veg deprived… (actually, everything deprived) as the wet season is just finishing here and it is extremely hard for the local Rotinese to grow anything. Our diet to this point had consisted basically of boiled eggs for breakfast and noodles or rice for lunch and dinner. Just when we were all desperate for some nutrition we met a lovely local lady that seems to have been able to grow just about anything when no one else seems to be able to!! The next day we had Papaya, bananas, limes, pumpkin and, since then, sweet potato, choy sum and even rocket and basil!! Add to this the fact that she really wants to learn English and we really want to learn Indonesian, she is our new best friend… next to Nolis the mechanic of course! Sally & I have an agreed time of 3pm daily to teach English, which has been so much fun, plus she has connected Sally up with the local womens soccer team as well as bringing us along to her church on Sunday. All of this has been such a great way to start to become part of the local community. We are also looking forward to going to going with her to visit her sons school to see if we can be of any help there.

SAM_0434-225x300So, that all said, things are looking on the up and up…. Hopefully no more coconut encounters! Still waiting on the car but we should be mobile again soon.

Nat, Matt & kids plus Paul & Sal. x