Lime Squash

We thought that auctioning live chickens in church was pretty special, as mentioned last week, however, this week the chickens were topped by the auctioning of a goat! Poor Noah was quite disturbed by the whole ordeal as the goat made such a ‘rukus’ and practically strangled himself on his rope…The story ends well though when, later that day, Matt saw the new goat owner & was told that the goat had been put in a paddock to eat up all the weeds & long grass. (we didn’t mention to Noah what he may be being fattened up for!)

Our relationship with Delphiana & her family continues to grow. We go up to her place regularly to learn more ‘Bahasa Delha’ & just generally more about their life and culture. Noah & Grace especially love going & playing with her little girl ‘Ratna’ & drinking coffee!! (very sweet & very weak of course)

Maths-lesson-300x224On Monday we travelled into Ba’a to meet up with Benny, Defi & all the Mercy Home kids. They had a week of school holidays and were very keen to show us the water hole they often swim & wash in. To be honest, we weren’t expecting much but we were all absolutely blown away by how beautiful it was there! (other than the fish that bite your sores… ouch!) After some of the boys helped Matt catch some small fish for our ‘Mandi’ (bathroom-you put them in to stop mosquitos from breeding) Molly & Grace boarded the bus with all the kids to go and spend a couple of nights at the home with them. Crazy hey! I don’t even let them have sleep overs at home! I was actually so suprised that they wanted to go… They had loads of fun & it was such an experience for them. They said that they got to stay up really late & then couldn’t believe the 4:30am wake up call for devotions and chores… including sweeping, mopping and collecting wood for the fire to cook breakfast. They didn’t quite last the second night & Matt had to tough it out in the dark on that hellish road bringing them back on the mororbike! (I was secretly happy to have them back home)

Jayden has been getting right into some spear fishing since he saw some massive grouper the first day he went out & wasn’t sure if he should shoot!! He has been looking for them ever since!!

I had a few days of learning to surf at a place called ‘Squeelers’.  I did lots of squeeling but had heaps of fun until the surf & wind picked up on the third day & I got SMASHED… once, twice, three times and so on until I yelled out “I’m getting out of here and paddled out of there as quickly as I could. Lost some confidence but I WILL definately be back! (when it’s smaller!)

Speaking of confidence, Matt lost some in being doubled by me on the motorbike after a small incident with a bag of limes and a big BUMP… the bag didn’t hold and we had 25 limes rolling all over the road in different directions. After finally remembering how to stop the thing, Matt was dodging other bikes and traffic (not that there is much) as he ran around and re couped our loss!! Well, you can’t have Papaya without lime can you… Or Cumi Cumi (squid).

Our staple diet this week has been pumpkin,pumpkin & more pumkin after being given way too many for us to possibly eat. We spent a great deal of time attempting to explain that it was too much for us to eat and after asking if there were other people they could give some of the pumkins to the simple answer was “no!” The concept of ‘gratis’ seems to mean that you take what is being given even if it is impossible for you and your family to get through! We did manage to give some away to our friends Dave & Jenet who have a restaurant so you will be happy to know that there was no wastage.

More-pumpkin-300x224Bye for now, stay tuned for what’s on auction next Sunday… It could be anything!

Nat, Matt, the kids, Sal & Paul x