Tree house grows

Ari-cleaning-the-coconut-posts-224x300The first step to knocking up a tree house was to find a couple of very old and tall kelapa (coconut trees). Once located, cut down and delivered by truck to our site, Pak Ari strolled down with his razor sharp parang (machete) to take away the rough outer layer.

A few days later he followed this up by smoothing the stumps with his electric plane.  After what seemed like a week of shaping these trees into smooth tree house legs an sms was sent out through the village. 15 minutes later about 8 of our local friends rocked up to help stand the poles up into their respective pits in the sand.

Now the funpart begins and we start to see a house quickly appear amongst the coconut trees.

Whislt the beams for the floor were going in Delfiana and her family were busy collecting coconut leaves and threading them onto sticks to make natural roofing sheets.

The only way to efficiently get the job done here in bare feet with cigarette hanging out of mouth.

Our first visitors were on their way. About 2 days from arriving and their accommodation was far from beng complete. Plans had to be altered so we came up with a different sleeping arrangement for our five soon to be here guests.

It seemed the closer it was to being finished the slower the work rate went, or was it that in my mind I was willing everybody to work quicker.

Our guests did get to spend their time in the new Bale/Treehouse and they will tell you that the wait was worth it.

Noah pitched in to speed the process up, and was very handy with the concreting tools. Just like building a sandcastle!