Abraham’s Story

Abraham is one of only a few children at the Rote Mercy Home who is actually orphaned. The majority of children in the care of Defi and Benny are from parents who simply cannot afford to provide anything for these kids.

Empowering Local Community - Abraham

A common theme throughout eastern Indonesia is the dire poverty families are facing. There are a number of cases where babies are taken away into bush-land and left out of sight/ out of mind because the parents simply have no other option in their eyes.

Abraham, who is now 8 years old would walk 7 miles each day to collect a bowl of rice for his grandmother and himself. At the time he was taken in by Mercy Indonesia’s new home in Ba’a he was suffering from severe malnutrition. He was sick on most days because his immune system was lacking. Even now after being cared for and provided for coming up to 2 years, Abraham still has problems with his stomach. He suffers from the effects of contracting malaria but on a whole Abraham is happy, goes to school and loves playing soccer with his fifteen new siblings.