A Wise Man Once Told Me…

imageHonestly, these past few weeks have felt similar to what I imagine stepping off a cliff blind folded would be like!!

Not only have we been caught, but placed and confirmed into calling and purpose and destiny! As we sit on this slow ferry with a 10 tonne truck tucked away below packed with all our gear and building materials for our first family hut…. I get the  feeling that this is a Holy moment!!

A wise man said to me a couple of weeks ago in the midst of my panic, “each time we take another step out, MORE FAITH IS REQUIRED.” This is what I have discovered:

More faith required = God’s faithfulness again + His miraculous provision again + I learn in the process!

You know, anything can happen at any time. .. I need to learn to expect the unexpected (in a good way!) In just one day,whilst in Bali, we went from the extreme of seeing burning corpses on the beach during a Hindu cremation to a divine appointment with an amazing family.  We didn’t plan either! Not only has meeting this family impacted our immediate future,  but I believe this relationship will be instrumental for all of us in the years to come!  You just never know what is next!

For those of you who saw Noah last time we returned to Oz, you may be interested to hear that, unbelievably,  his hair is already blonde & we haven’t even hit Rote yet!! Grace is not far behind!!! Well,  that’s it for now from this slow boat. I’m going to soak in this ‘Holy moment’.

Land Ahoy!!!
Nat, Matt, Jayden, Molly, Grace and Noah