In full throttle getting ready for our first ‘real’ guests

Hi All,

First up here’s a belated video farewell from the Thistlewaites

IMG_9424Below is a quick picture update of the progress…
We are in ‘full throttle’ pushing forward in order to be ready for all the guests arriving in late June. (Four families including us and the Beaufils family)

*Boat built in Kupang – 2 X Yamaha 40hp engines. Brought over by Matt with ‘captain’ from Villa Oenggaut. Goes really well. 7.6m X 1.8m. Centre console, power steering, 200L inboard tank. Centre seating and storage. Shade for driver plus Bimini from Oz. ‘Kura Kura’ means turtle in Indonesian and was affectionately named after our pet turtle.

*Finishing touches/aesthetics on family hut 2 – Looking really good. So happy with this single story design. This has been my life… 2nd to homeschooling. Painting, sanding, staining, oiling…. Worth it though!

 *Family hut number 3 – Roof trusses went up today. A big deal! (Must buy a pig, pray together, work to put them up and then EAT together!)

IMG_9738IMG_9714*Couples treehouse – Piers and foundations in and set. Frame and roof next.

*Kitchen ‘fit out’ nearly complete! – Yay!!! Can’t wait to put everything away properly! We now have cupboards and a pretty impressive ‘island bench’ (considering it’s Rote!!!)

*New storage ‘Gudang’, carport attached and gutters for water catchment. We can now catch up to 3000L of rainwater (which was full the 1st week after it was done!)

That’s about it for all the building.. For now.

IMG_9715IMG_9748*Benny and Defi have been down with just some of the kids from the Childrens home… Love them to bits. Love the relationship we all have with one another. I think we all feel like we are a ‘support team’ for each other.

*Lots of good stuff happening down here in the local community. Continuing to build relationships.

Well that’s it for now… I could go on (and on… And on) but just wanted to give you the headlines.

Thanks for all your support and prayers. Appreciate you all more than you know!

Loads of love,

Nat, Matt & kids xxx