A new season

It’s May 2017 and we have just returned to our ‘Indonesian family’ on our beloved Rote Island.

As you may remember, we had our ‘soft opening’ last year and are now taking ‘word of mouth’ bookings. We plan to ‘officially open’ once we get a pool in and the surrounding landscaping completed. (Gotta raise the funds first! Click on the pool image below for more info)

Even with just taking bookings through ‘word of mouth’ we have had to hit the ground running as we had our first guests arrive only 1 day after us and then a quick 2 day turn-around before our next group arrived. The good news is that our bookings are quite solid for the entire season so, even though we are not officially open, we can really begin to focus more on training the locals in all things ‘hospitality,’ as well as looking into the surrounding areas for ways we can partner with the community…. Excited about that!

For somewhat of a different introduction to the season this year, rather than our usual hilarious tales of Kupang, I thought I would share with you part of Molly’s first ever blog to give you a glimpse into her world. Enjoy!


My English teacher laughed when I asked her for 6 months worth of work because I am going back to Rote, but then she came up with an idea… I should start a blog about my travels!

Hi its Molly! I am 15 years old and every year I go overseas to this small, remote island in Indonesia called Rote. This year will be my 6th time. It’s not really the normal schoolgirl life but I enjoy it. My parents are the founders of Mercy Huts, a not for profit surf retreat that gives back to the developing community. The reason my Mum and Dad do this is because they believe that its their calling in life, and, being their daughter, I am dragged along with them. Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally glad that I’m not normal! My family consists of 6 people; Mum and Dad, Jayden, Me, Grace and Noah. Sadly this year my elder brother, Jayden, wont be coming to Rote with us as he is doing his UNI degree in Jogjakarta. I am not sure of the things that this year holds, but each year always proves to be interesting. Stay tuned and I will keep you updated with with my adventures.”

Stay tuned!

Nat, Matt & Kids x