The secret to living long and happy

I am sitting here under the stars, reflecting and listening to the sounds of worship music drifting over from Pk Zacarias’ hut. He lives in a little shack on the beach just next to us and has returned home today after recovering from an illness. It’s been a tough season for him after recently losing all his piglets and his puppy to a mystery sickness and then he himself was thinking that he was on his own death bed. When Matt went to see him a few days ago he said that he was ready to go. His daughter was not happy with that and proclaimed “you are only 82… Grandma lived until 121 and her sister until 111.” We were humbled by Pk Zacarias’ response (translated) “if I die now i will say thankyou to God, and if I live I will say thankyou to God also.” Pk Zacarias is an amazing man and may not know that he is making a difference even whilst living the most simplest of existences! We were happy to see him come home today and have a new respect for this beautiful man. If you come to visit sometime in the next 40 years you may catch glimpses of him as he works his seaweed farm!