3 Key Goals Over 3 years

Vocational Education and Training

Training Centre

Building a training centre where we will provide vocational training = local people employed in the growing tourism industry. Est. budget $20k. (90% complete)

Banner Image - Noodle Factory

Noodle Business

Construction of a noodle production business to be run by the local community. The nutrient fortified noodles, formulated by Sanitarium = sustainable food production business and will help combat malnutrition in Rote. Budget $20k (50% complete).

Water Sanitation and Hygeine

Health Education

Providing much needed WASH education (WAter, Sanitation & Health) = reduction in water related illness, improved hygiene and health. Est. Budget $30k

A Community Development Model


Eastern Indonesia, and in particular the area of Nusa Tengarra Timur (NTT) has the highest malnutrition and infant mortality rates in all of Indonesia. Recent statistics highlight the extent of poverty, showing that residents of NTT live on one-third of the average income of Indonesians, less than USD 1 per day. Our goals focus on lifting the burden of widespread poverty, illness and illiteracy in Rote Island. Our friends at Global Development Group (GDG) have partnered with us in our community development and capacity building activities.

Donations to Mercy Huts Community Development Projects are tax deductible as a result of our partnership with GDG. Donors are not entitled to benefits offered to investors in the Surf Retreat.acnc-registered-charity-logo_rgbGDG_Logo_Transp-1


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