Right now we are seeking businesses who wish to demonstrate their corporate values to their clients, suppliers and staff:

Make Mercy Huts your Charity of Choice. We’ve made it easy for you to demonstrate your corporate values and have many engagement options available. Register your interest or inquire here.

Profits generated by Mercy Huts Surf Retreat will go towards supporting local children and families in poverty. Investing in the not-for-profit business Mercy Huts attracts many benefits for businesses and individuals+. Perfect for businesses or families wanting to experience a holiday with a purpose…year after year. Don’t give blindly. Follow your money to its very impact zone and watch the ripple effect that follows.

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Become a key partner
A one off investment of $20,000 or more. Name a Hut and receive VIP rates (90% off accommodation).

Become a corporate donor
A one off investment of $5,000 or more. Receive VIP rates (90% off accommodation).

Charity of Choice
Nominate Mercy Huts as your charity of choice by engaging staff to contribute via salary sacrifice, or as a business donate a percentage of each sale or a fixed monthly amount. Feature on our website.

Pledge monthly
Provide ongoing support through monthly pledges of $30 or more.

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While choosing to become an investor in Mercy Huts Surf Retreat offers no financial return you will be creating better social outcomes
for the people of Rote Island, Indonesia through the promotion of Responsible Tourism. Although there will be direct benefit to you and your business as well:

Corporate VIP rates
Recieve up to 90% discount for Corporate Donors and Key Partners to stay at Mercy Huts Surf Retreat. Enjoy team building trips, management getaways, corporate clients or reward top performing staff members

Increase revenue
75% of consumers say social responsibility is important for business practice and 55% are more likely to choose a product that supports a cause over an otherwise similar product (www.unicef.org)

Feature on Mercy Huts supporters webpage and other marketing material

Maximise PR opportunity
Be known as a business with a strong social responsibility conscience

Name a hut
Investors of $20,000 or more have the honour of naming a hut. This will be the advertised accommodation


+No financial return is given to investors
^Investments to Mercy Huts Surf Retreat are not tax deductible as they are not part of Mercy Huts Community Development Project (J769N) a GDG partnered project.

The Surf Retreat Model

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