Rote Island is 500km North West of the Australian coast and it is the closest Indonesian island to Australia. It sits south west of the main Island of Timor. Geographically, Rote has a mixed terrain ranging from beautiful unspoiled beaches combining world-class surf breaks, pockets of lush tropical rainforest, savannas and rolling hills ending in sheer cliff.

Mercy Huts in Rote is uniquely positioned in the most beautiful area of Rote Island, right on the famous white sandy coastline of Nemberala beach with its crystal clear water and spectacular reef. This location ensures peaceful bliss away from the hustle and bustle. Although hot and tropical, Rote Island is much dryer than the Indonesian Islands to the north which means fewer mosquitos and the ability to enjoy the area without being drenched in perspiration.

A 1.5 hour flight from Bali will get you to Kupang, the capital of West Timor which connects to a daily 20 minute flight to Rote Island. Watch this Google Earth video to locate Rote Island Huts.

Rote has been referred to as ‘like Bali, 30 years ago’. An exclusive world of activities await you…

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If you dream of paradise in search of the perfect wave, Rote is your destination. Here you will find a world-class set of waves, well away from the crowds found in other Indonesian islands. Not too far from the property is a legendary 200m long world class left hander. There’s also a family-friendly break aptly ‘Squeelers’ which is fit for children and surfers of all levels. Peak season is from March to November where the trade winds blow offshore to create the perfect wave.



Rote and broader West Timor is well established amongst the world diving community as “the” place to go. Rote offers some of the most adventurous diving opportunities in the region with still much to be discovered. Big fish diving with manta ray, whale sharks and dugong sightings is common.



Nusa Tenggara Timor fast becoming known as the game fishing capital of Indonesia due to the prolific numbers of big pelagic fish that cruise the ocean here. While there are no special game fishing boats available at the moment, it is possible to charter local boats. The local fishermen actually catch Marlin and Sailfish on their hand lines!



We are almost ready to take guests. See our new site Rote Island Huts for a preview!

Our huts are based on the islands local building style to compliment the traditional surrounds. All our bungalows have been thoughtfully designed with you AND the environment in mind. The simple yet elegant design capture the natural breezes, have beautiful traditionally thatched alang roofs and private outdoor bathrooms.

We also believe holidaying with your family and friends should be easy which is why we offer 2 types of accommodation:
1. Family bungalow which 
accommodates a group of up to 6 people*.
2. Couples Treehouse which is designed for a couple to feel as if they’re sleeping amongst the coconut fronds.

If you’re looking for a slower pace, enjoy a laze by the pool, a massage, wade in the reef shallows or stand up paddle board on your doorstep.

*Corporate Sponsors & Key Partners receive up to 90% off accommodation rates at Mercy Huts Surf Retreat. If you want to enjoy a discounted holiday each year in one of these huts then see how by getting involved. Or book your holiday today here.